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Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Loop Systems

What is a Hearing Loop System?
A hearing loop system is an Assistive Listening System (ALS) that transfers sound—from a microphone or TV—directly to your hearing device or cochlear implant, via a tiny and inexpensive telecoil (t-coil) receiver.

Some Benefits of Hearing Loop Systems
  • Works with your existing hearing devices—no extra purchases or devices required
  • No extra noise, wall bounce, echo or sound distortion
  • Delivers customized sound to your devices
  • Can be installed in your home, car, house of worship, or public transit venues
  • Sound is contained to your devices—never worry about bothering others

If you’re interested in how hearing loop systems can augment hearing aid performance and alleviate hearing difficulties, contact a certified hearing care provider or audiologist today.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) are specialized tools designed to compliment and enhance the performance of many modern digital hearing aids for in-home and public use. These devices can help people with all degrees of hearing loss stay connected to the many recreational and professional activities that make their lives unique and enjoyable.

ALDs come in a wide range of applications, functions, designs, and can facilitate improved face-to-face communication, reception of electronic media, landline and mobile telephone reception (via Bluetooth and wireless streaming technologies), and reception of important warning sounds and situations.

If you’re interested in how ALDs can improve hearing difficulties, contact a certified hearing care provider or audiologist today.

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