Clean ears can help you maintain healthier hearing

Our bodies naturally produce earwax. It shields the delicate skin of our ear canals to prevent irritation, and protects our bodies from bacteria and bugs.

All ears need a little earwax to be healthy, but it can’t always regulate itself. If our bodies produce too much earwax, the substance can push against our eardrums and cause discomfort or dizziness, or limit our ability to hear well by causing blockage in the ear canal.

There are numerous methods for safely cleaning excess earwax from your ears, but it has been discovered that swabs do little more than push the excess wax deeper into the ear canal, causing blockage and irritation that can result in poorer hearing and risk of infection.

You can see your local audiologist for a professional cleaning of your ears. They are trained in safe and effective methods that will keep your ears healthy and your hearing clear.