Unfortunately, there is no cure for hearing loss. This is due to the noise-induced loss of cilia, the non-regenerative tiny hairs located in the inner ear that help turn sound into information. However, there is hope for many people experiencing hearing loss. Greater strides have been made recently in the treatment of hearing loss than perhaps any other type of sensory loss.

Employing the combination of an experienced provider, correctly fit hearing technology, a solid communication support system, setting clear goals and expectations with your provider, and a positive mental attitude about rediscovering healthy hearing can be beneficial for many types of treatable hearing loss.

How important is correctly fit technology? Extremely. It is reported that 60% of hearing aids are fit incorrectly, so the precise programming of hearing aids in accordance with a person’s specific type of hearing loss is essential to better hearing success.

If you suspect you or someone you know has a hearing loss, don’t delay. Every moment counts. Make an appointment with a certified professional to determine the nature of your concern. People wait, on average, seven years before taking action in treating their hearing difficulties. The longer one waits to treat a hearing loss, the worse the condition can become, potentially resulting in strained relationships, feelings of isolation, and loss of income.

Additionally, please be aware that hearing loss can often be attributed to blockage caused by earwax, complications created by undiagnosed tumors, and certain types of ototoxic medications.