Binaural Hearing

What is Binaural Hearing?

Binaural (bin·au·ral) /adjective/ Pronunciation: /buy-nor-uhl/
a. Having, or relating to, two ears.
b. Having to do with the perception of sound with both ears: binaural hearing.

Similar to the way your eyes and vision work, your ears work as a team to effectively filter and help you understand sounds. Most of us take the fact that we have two ears for granted. We don’t stop to think about the complexity of each one working with the other to effectively relay sounds and information to the brain.

If a bilateral hearing loss is determined (hearing loss that is present in both ears) through testing and evaluation, many hearing care providers and audiologists highly recommend binaural amplification (wearing hearing aids in both ears) as opposed to monaural amplification (a hearing aid in a single ear).

Many individuals with binaural fittings experience what is referred to as an “additive” therapeutic effect, where one plus one does not necessarily equal two. Instead, wearing hearing aids in both ears can create and even greater benefit because of the exponential power of both ears working together.