Hearing Loss Causes

Hearing loss is a common, and often treatable, condition. Hearing difficulties frequently occur as a result of years of chronic exposure to loud noise.

In the United States alone, approximately one-third of individuals over 60 years of age (and one-half of those over 85) have some degree of hearing loss. Luckily for many, there are treatment and technology options available to alleviate the difficulties associated with hearing loss.

Other causes for hearing loss and Sound Voids include:

Higher frequencies are usually affected in the first stages of hearing loss
Difficulty hearing the high-pitched voices of women and children is one of the first noticeable symptoms of hearing loss. People with hearing loss often have difficulty differentiating words that sound alike, especially words that contain S, F, SH, CH, H, TH, T, K or soft C sounds. These consonants are in a much higher frequency range than vowels and other consonants.

The first step toward healthier living through better hearing? Making an appointment with a certified hearing care provider or audiologist.