Looping Systems Make Hearing Easier In Groups And Crowds

Churches, cathedrals, auditoriums, theatres, airports, train stations—wherever attentive audiences gather, people experiencing hearing loss can benefit from an installed looping system. Hearing “loops” are assistive listening systems that transmit sound directly to the ears of wearers of hearing devices much like a radio—sending out amplified audio signals from an antenna. The technology is simple but effective, and continues to grow increase in popularity, with audiologists and other ear doctors promoting their effectiveness and convenience for hearing aid wearers.

Looping systems are relatively inexpensive, with installation costs starting at $100 for a home entertainment center, and a few thousand for an auditorium or place of worship. Once installed, however, the number of those who can use a looping system is endless. Some vendors offer portable loop systems that can be moved as needed, making improved accessibility possible for gatherings of every type.