The Importance Of Periodic Hearing Tests

Aging by itself can cause additional hearing loss, and at rates that vary from one person to the next. A hearing solution that worked for you, say, last year—or even six months ago—may not be delivering results as expected today. An adjustment is to be expected, much like how one’s prescription for corrective lens is made stronger as time passes and the eyes weaken.

The answer is simple: treat your ears much like how you treat your eyes or teeth and get periodic checkups, at least once a year. This will enable your audiologist to stay on top of any hearing changes you’ve experienced, as well as ensure your current devices are working like new. An unchecked device may no longer be providing you with proper speech recognition or successfully handling background noise.

The good news is hearing aids are constantly undergoing refinement and your solution options today may be an even better fit for your needs. Studies have shown hearing well can assert a positive influence on nearly every aspect of one’s life. So don’t wait too long—contact your local audiologist today.